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“Your precious smile is now affordable”
Affordable dental plan offers you an easy and affordable way to save on your dental treatments. It has an easy sign-up process with no credit or background check. Our discount dental plan is designed to provide its members with instant savings of up to 50% on all major dental procedures. It also offers 20% discount on specialty and cosmetic dental treatments.
This plan protects you against today’s escalating dental costs. Affordable dental plan has no yearly maximum, no waiting period, and no pre-determination of dental benefits or age limit. It offers both individual and family plans. Affordable dental plan is not an insurance plan and does not involve submitting any referrals or claim forms.
The plan also helps you locate a dentist near you who accepts the plan. We currently have over a 100 providers in 6 counties around Philadelphia who participate in this plan.
As a member of the Affordable Dental Plan you also receive 2 free exams and X-rays, a $200 value per individual per year.
Enroll now and start saving.
* This is not an insurance plan, It is a Deep Discount Dental Treatment Plan available for members only
For Limited Time only
$79.99/yr (for individual)
$99.99/yr (for a couple OR a parent & a child)
$149.99/yr (for family)
Save Upto $200*
* All exams free. Upto $200.00 value per individual per year,
plus enjoy substantial savings on other dental procedures.
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